About Us​

ChurchesForSale.com is owned and operated by Nate Bradley in the sunny Phoenix, Arizona. Our Team’s mission is to serve churches and ministries through guiding through real estate transactions. 

Churches For Sale Real Estate

Our Mission

To provide expert guidance and representation to churches and ministries through real estate transactions, enabling them to acquire or transition properties that optimally support their mission of spreading the Gospel and serving their communities.

Why Choose Us

At ChurchesForSale.com, we understand that your church or ministry is far more than just a building – it’s a sacred space that enables you to carry out your calling and serve your community. That’s why we take a uniquely tailored approach to guiding you through real estate transactions. Our team has extensive experience working specifically with churches, ministries, and other faith-based organizations.

We appreciate the complexities and sensitivities involved in finding or transitioning your place of worship. From zoning and land use considerations to financing options tailored to nonprofits, we navigate all the details so you can focus on your higher purpose. Our comprehensive services ensure a smooth, efficient process while our in-depth market knowledge helps identify properties perfectly suited to your needs and vision. When you partner with ChurchesForSale.com, you get real estate experts dedicated to representing your best interests and championing your mission every step of the way.

Nate Bradley

Nate brings over a decade of experience serving in senior leadership roles with non-profit ministries. His extensive background guiding organizations through real estate and finance decisions aligns perfectly with our mission of providing expert representation tailored to the unique needs of churches and faith-based groups.

Nate spent several years in Arizona representing churches through complex real estate transactions. He understands the sensitivities involved and the importance of making stewardship-minded choices that support each ministry’s ability to spread the Gospel and serve their community.

Nate holds an MBA in Finance, making him an authority on church and ministry finances. He excels at helping clients navigate financing options, zoning considerations, and other technical aspects to identify properties and solutions that optimize their resources and vision.

As a values-driven professional dedicated to championing the work of churches and ministries, Nate provides invaluable guidance throughout the real estate process. His expertise ensures a smooth experience while his passion for the faith-based sector means clients’ best interests and spiritual missions remain the top priority.

Nate Bradley - Churches For Sale Real Estate