Opinion of Value

Value based On
time tested method


Church properties are unique. They are not homes and they are not commercial properties. They must be valued as what they are. Most brokers, agents and appraisers struggle and end up guessing.


There is a time tested method that has been developed by church real estate experts over the course of the last 50 years that we use to value properties.


Hundreds of churches have seen success in having church real estate experts like us help create a specialized opinion of value.


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Depending on the location, size and sense of urgency, this cost will vary. Our team is located in Phoenix, Arizona, but we are willing to take inquiries from anywhere in the country. Click here to Request a proposal to complete your Opinion of Value today.

You might be thinking…”I already have a realtor in my congregation that is helping us..” Our answer to that is great. Let us work with them (at a reduced fee) to get you the best potential opinion of value for your church.

Valuing churches is unique. They are not homes. They are not commercial buildings. Through a time tested approach a valuation model has been developed by blending a few well respected ways of valuing a property. 

Pricing your property correctly from the very beginning is one of the most important marketing and strategic decisions you make. If you miss on this, then you will be recovering from it and potentially lose out when it comes time to negotiate with a buyer. 

Great question. We have worked with buyers in the past. We do want to caution that we would need the seller’s cooperation and guidance as there are many things they might know that we need to know to value correctly.